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Third Nature

In Washington DC, the 1275K building lobby has been enhanced with a notable media art installation by Studio ANF, a Berlin-based design studio led by Andreas Nicolas Fischer. This project exemplifies the integration of technology and art through generative media, an emerging field that uses algorithms to create evolving and dynamic artworks.

Media art by generative art studio (Studio ANF)

Understanding Generative Media Art
Generative media art employs computational processes to produce works that are continuously unique, offering viewers a new experience with each interaction. This form of art emphasizes the role of the algorithm as a creative partner, resulting in artworks that are both unpredictable and complex.

Overview of the Installation

The installation comprises five real-time artworks displayed on a large, high-resolution LED screen, accompanied by LED lighting strips that enhance the ambiance of the lobby. The artworks include:


Scape This artwork offers a digital rendition of mountainous landscapes, constantly regenerating to present new terrains. It invites viewers to explore virtual geographies, challenging traditional perceptions of landscape and nature.

Third Nature

Third Nature mimicks a virtual forest garden. This artwork presents digitally rendered plants that sway gently, simulating a natural setting within a digital context. It offers a peaceful, evolving landscape that contrasts with the urban environment of the lobby.


Emergence transforms the movement of people in the lobby into a dynamic visual display. A ZED stereoscopic camera detects the presence of individuals, portraying them as digital brushes that emit multicolored particles, creating an interactive and abstract visual field.


Hypertecture is An ongoing digital construction of virtual architecture, this artwork features stylized, animated abstract sculptures within a constantly changing virtual environment, inviting viewers to reflect on the fluid nature of digital spaces.

animated generative art studio
animated generative art studio installation
Third Nature

Contribution to Digital Art and Public Spaces

Studio ANFs installation at the 1275K building demonstrates the potential of generative media art to transform public spaces into interactive, dynamic environments. By blending art and technology, the installation offers a new approach to engaging with digital artworks, encouraging viewer interaction and reflection.
This project serves as an example of how digital innovation can be applied to art, creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also interactive and ever-changing. It highlights the evolving nature of art in the digital age and the possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology, art, and public spaces.

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