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The Island Physics - Generative Art
Chris Woebken, Sascha Pohflepp and Andreas Nicolas Fischer will spend their time on Governors Island commissioning a series of computer simulations that will run within a meticulous virtual recreation of Building 15. The individual simulations are being created by a selection of 3D artists who form part of a community that is exploring the aesthetics of simulation in the context of contemporary computer graphics, often disseminating their work on social media rather than in an academic context. These participating artists include: Kai Kostack, Mohamad Zeina, Gottfried Hofmann, Tayfun Ozdemir and Andreas Nicolas Fischer.

The Island Physics - Generative Art

Island Physics – Exhibition Walkthrough
Island Physics will turn Eyebeam’s house on Governors Island into a testing-ground for alternate realities, simulating the impossible in a living room.

So Meta from A N F

So Meta “B” from A N F

Apple Fall by Kai Kostack

Floating Fluid Particles by Blazraidr

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