In 2019, Pitch Festival, held near Ararat in the picturesque Grampians of Victoria, unveiled an extraordinary public space media art installation that captivated attendees with its innovative design and collaborative creativity. This installation marked a significant moment in the festival’s history, blending visual arts seamlessly with its renowned international music program.

Installation View [Single Channel]

Nic Hamilton coordinated six other international video artists to make works for the festival to ensure visual arts were represented alongside the broadly international music program. Joe HamiltonLucy BensonMichael Tan Ezra Miller ,Tristan Jalleh and Andreas Nicolas Fischer each made site-specific works displayed across the 4 days of the pitch festival.

Photography by Pat Hamilton

The centerpiece of this installation was an array of ten large-format, high-resolution LED screens. These screens were uniquely arranged back-to-back in groups of five, resembling totem-like structures. This strategic setup not only created an immersive environment but also allowed festival-goers to meander among the luminous panels, experiencing the art from various angles and perspectives.

From a distance, especially when approaching the main stage, this installation presented itself as a singular, unified surface. However, as visitors moved closer, the individual elements of the totem structures became more apparent, offering a dynamic and engaging visual experience. This design cleverly played with the perception of space and form, a testament to the thoughtfulness behind the project.

Pitch Installation Vis

In summary, the 2019 Pitch Festival’s commitment to integrating visual arts into its program through this innovative media art installation set a new standard for public space art. It highlighted the potential of technology and collaboration in creating engaging, dynamic environments that resonate with a wide audience. As such, this installation stands as a shining example of how public space media art can enrich cultural events, fostering a deeper appreciation of both art and community.

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