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Angelene - 3d music video

Directed by Sander Houtkruijer. 3d elements by A N F.
Cinematography by Lauro Cress
Produced by Daniel Franke
Produced by chopchop.cc
1AD – Imri Kahn
Assistant camera – Carlos Andres Lopez
Grip – Max Preiss
Gaffer – Norwin Hatschbach
Electrician – Christopher Reiners
Set design – Ben Roth, Steffi Bühlmaier
Styling – Laura Renard
Make-up artist – Theo Schnürer
Make-up assistant – Kerrie Ann Murphy
Production Assistant – Claas Ebeling
3D artist – Andreas Nicolas Fischer
Compositing – Burkhard Kalytta
Color Grading – Johannes Hubrich
Featuring: Xenia and Thomas Azier
With: Robin Hunt, Daniel Franke, Kai Kreuzmueller, Kirsten Burger, Martin Deckert, Kiril Bikov
Dancers: Nicola Mascia, Helga Wretman, Shiran Eliaserov, Pauliina Aladin, Asaf Aharonson, Amit Elan
Thanks to: Bastian Christ, Storz & Escherich, Voin de Voin, Lucinda Dayhew
The track ‘Angelene’ is written and produced by Thomas Azier

Andreas Nicolas Fischer Change in Numbers

Der Wandel in Zahlen is an extension of an existing thermometer in the city space with an additional display, which calculates and shows the difference to saved statistical weather data of the past. With this project I want to raise the public awareness of anthropogenic global warming. In this case, the display calculated the difference of the month february 2007 from the same month 50 years ago.
Change in Numbers
A Temperature sensor is connected to a microcontroller. The current temperature values are compared with stored statisctical data of the past and the difference is calculated. This value is then shown on an Led-display attached to the thermometer.
Change in Numbers
current temperature − reference temperature = displayed value

Change in Numbers
Change in Numbers